Sunday, 7 July 2013


Cocoon 1

 Just like insects in the animal kingdom, we too need our places of retreat. The talents of Cocoon 1 have designed a space that isolates you from the world whilst you're still- technically- in the world. Their clever design is a large, transparent sphere with a small round opening that allows you to climb inside and enter a completely different space.

Cocoon Kitchen

Similar to the feel of being a fish in a fish bowl, the Cocoon is designed with ready made shapes and utilities that can be added- for example there is an option of a fitted sofa, storage draws and boxes as well as a kitchen sink; fully functionable to boot.

 Probably one of my favourite aspects is the fact that it can be adapted- sleeping modules can be added and you can literally build inside your cocoon as you see fit, different media modules and kitchen modules allow it to be used as an extension to any home.

It has a 180cm diameter and is made completely of transparent material. Micasa Lab and her team of designers even include a net that allow the orb to be hung up in an outdoor space either from a tree, building or other free frame like a tent.

 It's estimated to retail at roughly £1800 with the basic modules and the others costing extra; but it doesn't go on sail until late 2013 so I'd start saving up now if I were you.