Thursday, 4 July 2013


Quirky's Musical Train Set
Quirky have created a train track that won't drive the parents mad with its repetative tune droning on and on, their train track instead plays a custom designed tune created by the child- a great way for a child to pick up the concept of music through play and understand the basic concept of music sheets.

Pegs on the Quirky Track
Pegs on the tracks can be moved up and down into a different serious so that when the train is dragged over it, the prongs on the bottom of the toy hit the pegs to create a different sound each time. Even better, the train set by Quirky also comes with a book showing you how to replicate your favourite nursery rhymes on a section of track. It plays the tune in a music box style using a mechanism on the bottom of the train that drags across the pre arranged pegs as it goes around the circuit. It also gives children the ability to write their own songs and learn the ins and outs of music through play.

For a look at how it works, click this link: