Tuesday, 20 May 2014


This is just a post about something to do if you're in and around England, Oxfordshire.

Crocodiles of the World is the UK's only crocodile zoo and houses over 30 different species of crocodile and lizards. The sheer volume of crocodiles in this place is amazing and almost grizzly when you get to step up right next to their glass enclosures and have them snap at you.
Warning: this is not for the faint hearted.

  It is a great place to go for the opportunity to take pictures of the normally unapproachable creatures and to also learn a thing or two about them. And to think it all started with one man and his small collection...

If it sounds like something of interest, here is the URL, believe me, it was a great day out in which we got to watch them feed some of the crocs. There's even an opportunity to hold a small croc if you're brave enough : http://www.crocodilesoftheworld.co.uk/index.html

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