Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Tech Savvy

http://goinstacube.com/about-instacube/For all of those who are Instagram crazy (or know someone who is) this is the perfect gift for a selfie lover! Instacube is a Kickstarter funded product that streams your Instagram pictures live to the cube where the cube then displays your piccies. 

The Instacube is like a digital photo frame on steroids; it's wireless, touchscreen, and stays with the ever loved square Instagram format, which is exactly why it's a perfect house accessory for someone who's always Instagramming! 

The Instacube currently comes in three colours; black, white and the classic model (which has the iconic Instagram stripes down the side). 

Another awesome adaption to the Instagram craze comes in the form of Instaprint, which is a twist on the iconic photobooth. 

The Instaprint is a rent able "photo booth" where you tag the event and the Instaprint prints out all your event themed instagrams in the form of a Polaroid picture, laid out exactly like a screen shot of your instagram post. 

The Instaprint is an amazing update to the photo booth and an ideal trendy addition for weddings, parties and fundraisers to keep people connected. 

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