Saturday, 18 October 2014

Whale, whale, whale, what have we got here? you ever wanted to sit on a whale but found it inhumane? Well now with these animal chairs from designer Maximo Riera you can! This amazingly talented designer has created a range of animal kingdom themed seating; from mammals, to insects to reptiles and each look freaking spectacular. 

What I love most about these chairs is the texture which is so life like that you may feel as if the animal your sitting on is in fact real. Maximo Riera has tastefully taken segments and details from animals and formatted them to comply with the shape of a chair. 

The classic black colour of the pieces make them sophisticated rather than child-like and each chair is a centre piece in it's own right. They're high end pieces of sculpture and I can just imagine these chairs making a public space like Trafalgar Square come to life. Maximo Riera meshing of animal and chair is outstanding and has set the bar for future furniture design.

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