Monday, 10 November 2014

Cake Fabrication

To commemorate and pay recognition to some of the amazing artists and bakers of this years Threadcakes competition, I thought I'd go through a selection of my favourites.

Firstly I'll introduce you to Threadcakes in case you don't know what it is exactly. Threadcakes is simply a competition run my the tee shirt printing company Threadless, where bakers and artists alike are encouraged to bake cakes based on any Threadless t-shirt design and enter them online with as many photos as possible of you making the cake. It's a fun and friendly competition not just for pro's but for amateurs too; and heck, even if you don't win you still get to eat the cake. To the left is the stunningly intricate Steampunk cat cake 'The Observer' by baker Yenna Susanty, which is comprised of over 108 carefully crafted gears and cogs, as well as tons of chocolate made butterflies and kilos of thick butter cream carefully layered to create the colour of the cat. 

It took 3 whole days to assemble, 1 day of experimenting and another day of making parts in advance. But the effort was definitely worth it to get a masterpiece like this. 

On a totally different end of the spectrum, baker Jessica Allard decided to go for a more cute character to copy the 'Ramen Ses Return' shirt. She built this mummy cake onto an exoskeleton, packed it with vanilla cake and then wrapped the cake in oodles of noodles of modelling chocolate string.
Some others that are truly amazing are the Celestial Cephalapod by Corinna Maguire, which features a large chocolate cake planet being sat on by a candy clay octopus that's been rendered in breathtaking detail.

Another equally stunning cake is this Simpson's themed Cutout Ralph by Kylie Mangles which shows all the guts and yummy gore of Ralph's insides. What amazes me most about this cake is the black piping that follows the edges of the cake so that this cartoon looks as real to the original Ralph as possible.

Onto more manageable cakes, this cute crayon box cake Be Creative by Natissa Small, would be perfect for a child or tween's birthday. On top of the rainbow layered is a gum paste and fondant box full of fondant crayons in all the colours of the crayon rainbow; it's almost too cute.

Lastly is the earth shattering water coloured cake sculpture by Jacinta Perkins. The Endless Sea is a beautifully crafted cake made with impeccably intricate detail and amazing use of watercolour over the cleverly proportioned features of the mermaids face.