Monday, 3 November 2014

Doodle By Stitch

For those who have to doodle everywhere they go, this is the perfect idea. Doodle By Stitch are a company that create products specifically so that you can draw on anything; from your bed, to the table cloth to aprons and pencil cases, pretty much anything you can think to draw on they sell. 
The rules are simple too: you use the Doodle By Stitch pens to draw on your material, then you chuck it in the wash, let it dry and doodle all over again. Simple right? With a range of different colour pens available and a reasonable budget for the product, it's a great way to avoid children drawing with permanent markers in no-no zones, and to prevent you from having to frantically search for a paper pad in the night when you wake up with an idea. Genius!