Saturday, 8 November 2014

Home (dis)comforts

OWO is an e-design catalogue that sells only the quirkiest and most modern articles of furniture and housewares out there, and these examples are no exceptions. in slowly, this rag-a-tag armchair, the Sushi Chair, designed by the Campana Brothers company looks a little like a fabric sample collection gone wild. Strips of multi-coloured, multi-textured fabric are layered up around a wide tube to create this ring shaped seat that opens up naturally into a corolla shape perfect for sitting in. 

The Campana Brothers are a duo best known for their stuffed toy collection of 2002, where they took stuffed animal toys (leather as well as plush) and fabricated them to create a sturdy surface to act as a seat. next piece of furniture is an iconic piece from the 70's, full of psychedelic promise and with the ability to bring the outdoors in. The grass styled stalks of the Pratone move to conform around you as you sit so that you're swamped in the grass of foam and free to lounge.

Although not entirely practical, this foam seater does look quite quirky and with the puzzle cut edges it allows for multiples of them to be attached together to create a mass lounger.
For a statement rug, this Global Warming Rug is a great piece that communicates an important message. In the vast expanse of a blue rug, this tiny patch of white imitates a small iceberg to reinforce the importance of our polar icecaps. And with the little white polar bear in the midst of the iceberg, our hearts can't help but melt in compassion for the ice flight. 

The polar bear is a nice touch and definitely makes the rug a one of a kind, 'ask about my rug' piece.