Friday, 12 December 2014


For those who have the tendency to fidget when doing a monotonous or stressful task, then these Fidget Rings by Meg Dattoria are perfect for you. Designed to mimic the natural way our hands fidget, the fidget ring gives you something to actually fidget with so that you can calm down and keep control in a quiet and less obvious way.

These rings are a great companion for all ages; especially for sufferers of Autism, Aspergers and ADHD. They can help with focus and provide a good distraction from stressful subjects. If you're a health care or education specialist then you can get a reduced price lot of the rings with the 'Classroom Kit', which essentially lets you give the rings to people who need them.

There are rings that you can roll, slide, tilt and spin; each providing a different fidget for you to play around with. You can either get them in plastic (for practical application) or metal (which will look less conspicuous).

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