Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Wanderlust the boom of sustainability and the increasing desire to care for the planet, company Hu2 combine the need for ecological advancement and design to create an eco-social brand which uses its influence and resources to focus on environmental and social issues.

Through the use of clever wooden signage to inspire more social creativity and freedom, and through environmental wall stickers, they encourage people and consumers to save energy by turning of the lights, and to cut back on fuel emissions with clever smog landscapes. The use of clever graphics and typographic design work they perfectly portray an ecological ethos to help the environment.

My favourite of their wooden art signs in the shapes of stag and moose heads that consist of overlapping wooden lines and outlines to create innovative design pieces that make a modern adornment to any wall. Also this sarcastic decal that mimics the iconic 'you are here' sign so that you can add a hot spot to your own home and tell people to 'deal with it'.