Friday, 23 January 2015

Digging through the relics of Kickstarter, I stumbled upon the very artistic article of furniture that is The D*Table. The D*Table is inspired by the D*Haus Company's D*Dynamic house concept, which allows for the consumer to open and close up pieces of the house to change with the seasons.
Based on the mathematical "Haberdashers Formula" that changes a square into an equilateral triangle with only a few moves, the designers behind the D*Table rendered the iconic four pieced shape into a 3D format, making it so that you can turn your table into a number of different shapes to compliment the home. It's been called the "Swiss-army knife" of tables, due to the eight different combinations that the table allows for.
Not only is the table functional with it's adaptive qualities - allowing for storage on the inside as well as sections for holding books - the flexible rubber hinges can also be removed to allow each table piece to be separated and interspersed around the room.

The D*Haus Company offer the table in a variety of colours; ranging from "ice-cream" coloured pastels, to the "classic" black, red, blue and yellow, as well as in simplistic white.

At the beginning of their kickstarter campaign when trying to fund the project, they offered supports a D*Haus wooden model which is a scaled, functioning version of their D*Haus concept living space. They don't currently sell the model, sadly, but as the company is still growing they're making plans with manufacturers to modify their design so that they may be able to offer the model as a product in the future. the reason why I'm harping on about the model is because I believe it would make an amazingly modern dolls house for any child that encourages creativity. If D*Haus sell it as a blank canvas model, then it would allow for children to try their hand at interior design and exterior painting to kit the D*Haus out how they want. 

This D*Haus doll's house model would make a much more innovative addition to the house that an adult wouldn't mind being in plain site due to the motion and fluidity of the futuristic design.
In application, as inventive and bold as the D*Haus concept is there may be a few practical issues. Such as with the instillation of electrics, plumbing and water supplies due to the building being able to move at whim, causing difficulty with fixtures that are supposed to be permanent.

Despite these oversites, the D*Dynamic house offers flexible living to suit the seasons, allowing for the house to be closed up tight during winter then opened with large window panes during the summer months. In short the concept is nothing short of astounding!

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