Saturday, 21 March 2015

Chocolate Mill

You can never have enough chocolate; and this Chocolate Mill by designer Wieki Somers proves just that. This handy chocolate scraping appliance is adapted from a cheese cutter and layer by thin layer reveals a series of different geometric chocolate patterns. The shavings are served to observers as more and more of the chocolate surface is revealed; by applying pressure to the shaver as it's rotated, it creates great curls of chocolate perfect for both eating and adding geometric decoration to a cake. 

Chocolate Mill was an instillation in the Vitra Design Museum that allowed visitors to eat and enjoy the fantastic artistic display of new chocolate layers being uncovered. Wieki Somers teamed up with Swiss chocolatier Rafael Mutter to create this mouth watering device, and the one thing I want to know above all else is how they make the layer the chocolate patterns? And after viewing the main event, a smaller Chocolate Mill was available in the gift shop for visitors to take home and indulge themselves with when the need to feast arrives.