Sunday, 26 April 2015

If I had a fin for a day

To be a unicorn, knight or a mermaid is probably the dream of most little kids out there. And with a Mahina MerFin you can make at least one of these dreams come true. (You can probably guess which dream I'm referring to). The MerFin is a unique mermaid mono-fin that plays on the conventional swimmers fin by mimicking the ethereal style of a mermaid's tail with dreamy colours and a curved shape. 

MerFin's are made from recycled rubber - helping to endorse a sustainable attitude towards our ocean friends - and are soft and flexible, therefore perfectly functional as well as fascinating, allowing you to feel like your fish kin as you slice through the ocean currents. It's a great pool toy and can make snorkeling more fun with a simple flick of the ankles and knees to get you swimming like the mer-folk. 

And if the fin isn't enough for you to feel submersed in the mer-folk-iness (?) then you can also get yourself some scales with the MerSwim suit which consists of a pair of opalescent swim tights and Bikini top; perfect for perfecting that Mermaid look. 

Mahina Mermaid do both adult and Kid sized fins and suits to get the whole mer-family involved. The adult sized MerFins are $109 and the children's MerFins are $99. The woman behind it all is Mahina (commonly known as Mahina Mermaid) renowned for her modelling career as the rare marvel that is the mermaid; its this equity that made her want to inspire the hearts, imagination and dreams of children in promoting the art of 'mermaiding' and bringing the fin in to popular beach and pool culture. 

All I know is that they're super cool and otherworldly and that if I could swim I would have a pair on my feet at this very moment. 

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