Thursday, 30 April 2015

Let it Grow!

Bring the outdoors in with these awesome terrariums from Urban Outfitters as part of their Urban Grow movement. 

Terrariums are the perfect way to give your home some fun and fresh furnishings; these glass and metal planters are futuristic, almost like a tiny rocket-ship for your plant, with their geometrical forms and striking edges that give an outer-space vibe to your home. These Urban Grow planters come in all shapes and sizes ideal for letting you keep all of your favourite plants only a breathe away, and for little green fingers to create their own fairy gardens.

You don't have to be a botanist to use Terrariums either, as all it takes is some sand, bark and a couple of air plants to get your Terrarium set up. Easy as. And all because the air plants are self sufficient; surviving on nothing but the moisture and nutrients in the air so that you don't have to water them frequently or give them much attention except for when you want something pretty to look at.

And if you don't mind giving your new little house plant a little love, then you can get your hands on some pretty succulents and cacti. There are many health benefits to having plants in the house; for example in increase in oxygenation in the environment, terrariums allow for you to close them during the night time so that you're not breathing in all that carbon dioxide again. Also air plants filter dust out of the atmosphere; less dust equals better air or something like that...

These terrariums by Urban Grow are sleek and attractive with their metal and glass composition, suitable for any room be it on a table, in the corner of the room or hanging from the ceiling. By far my favourite terrarium is the Large Star Terrarium, which features only sixty facets, creating an intricate ornamental piece that allows you to build your own little garden in the comfort of your own home that needs nothing more than a quick spritz for maintenance.

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