Thursday, 16 April 2015

Spin on Spun

Just looking at Spun Chair you can see what inspired the design; and after extensively researching the process of metal spinning and the creation of circular metal objects such as timpani drums, the Heatherwick studios created this gorgeously symmetrical chair that looks a bit like a large spinning top. 

The bucket shape of the chair provides ergonomic seating from whichever angle it's rotated and seated at, whilst the bottom of the chair is designed with a flat pivot at the bottom which allows for it to be set stable, or stilted on to its axis for spinning purposes. 

Asides from being practical, this chair is just good old fashioned fun, allowing for you to tilt and turn and definitely set to put a smile on your face. Spun is made from rotational moulded polyethylene and is suitable for both indoors and outdoors; as was demonstrated in the many outdoors installations set up in city's to get people spinning.  Spun generally comes in four solid colours; Grey, Purple, Red and White. Though special Amber and Grey polycarbonate models were available, and unique metal Spun Chairs were demonstrated and sold at Haunch of Venison.