Friday, 17 April 2015

Tofu Cute!

For all things kawaii, UK based shop Tofu Cute sell the most amazing Japanese gifts and tasty snacks to keep your sweet tooth happy. They sell anything from stationary to DIY candy kits to crazy flavoured Ramune soda, so you'll definitely find something to make an awesome gift out of. 

First off Tofu Cute have blown my mind with their speedy delivery; I ordered Wednesday night and got my delivery first thing Friday morning. And when you open your box to see it packed to the brim with yummy yet wacky flavoured treats and cute little kawaii gifts, you can't help but turn in to a fan girl. 

With Wasabi flavoured Pocky and Grapefruit flavoured chewing candy you really are spoiled for choice with Tofu Cute. By far the cutest of their range are their plush collection; they've got Alpaca plushes, Red Panda plushes and Tofu plush phone holders, more plush than you could get your hair bunches around! And if you want to peruse their items with your own two (maybe three) eyeballs, then Tofu Cute travel around the UK doing comic conventions and other events; so you can get your hands on them with experience.