Sunday, 3 May 2015

There's a point to pointie

You never know nowadays who's following you down the street and you can't premeditate an accident so when you're in need of a self-defense and survival tool that's practical, tactical and concealable then the Pointie Self Defense Marker is where it's at, and should be in your handbag for simple peace of mind.    

Simply put, Pointie is a hardened stainless steel spike inside of a marker body (concealed as our favourite David Beckham endorsed marker pen) that can be used for anything you think of. Use it as a self-defense tool, take it hunting and hiking, use it as a hole punch, an engraving tool or a glass breaker; it literally can be whatever you make it; except a pen, it'll never be a pen. 

Pointie comes in two different styles; the 'signature head' which features the iconic pointed Pointie shaft inside the pen body, or the 'concealed marker head' which has just the tip of the Pointie inside of a marker shaped body with an extended plastic piece to further enforce the 'marker' appearance of your self-defense tool. And for this compact multi purposed it'll cost roughly $30, a great bag companion for those times when you just don't know what'll happen.