Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Blood Sport

It's so easy to get lost in a video game, and with the way the news has been reporting how games like GTA and COD are making our younger generations more violent its about time someone revolutionizes the way in which we game for the better. 

And Taran Chadha and Jamie Umpherson are just the guys to do it with their new gaming system Blood Sport. Blood Sport is essentially a fun and entertaining way to donate blood in which what happens in the video game has consequences in real life; i.e. every time you're shot or take damage in the game a proportionate amount of blood is taken. Apparently you'll be so immersed in the game you won't even realise the blood is being taken in a slow trickle compared to the butchers job you usually get when you go to give a couple of quartz at the hospital. 

It's all a pretty easy and harmless process; a medical professional inserts the cannula and the machine that takes the blood is hooked up to an Arduino board which can monitor blood flow safely and has your height, weight, age and other conditions preset so that you can be assured you're playing and donating responsibly.  

The creators of Blood Sport say they're developing the technology to get gamers thinking about more important issues whilst still doing what they love. For some reason (perhaps the many ethical issues) the Kickstarter campaign was taken down, but the concept is so amazing that hopefully Blood Sport can become a reality and will change the way people think of gaming as addictive and violent to productive and beneficial.