Monday, 13 July 2015

Collar Keepsake

Everyone who has owned a dog knows how difficult it is to lose a much loved member of the family. And there's no better way to pay homage to your beloved pet than to keep their picture framed in the circle of your pet's old collar. 

The Collar Keepsake is a memorial to a beloved pet, cat and dog alike, that'll hang in your home in beautiful memory of your animal. It works by sandwiching your picture between the minimal frame - which includes a hanging slot in the back of the rigid structure - then you tighten your collar around the thick outside of the frame to make your pet's picture the focal point of this decorative wall hanging. 

Collar Keepsake comes in three different sizes to fit the diameter of your pets collar and isn't just limited to being a memorial piece for your departed pet, you can also use the Collar Keepsake as a way to immortalize your puppy's play days when he graduates up to a bigger collar. It's a lovely piece great for keeping your pets close to heart.