Friday, 10 July 2015

Deliciously Morbid

I have no idea what on earth possess these two men to melt the faces off of these cute chocolate bunnies but whatever the reason the effect is oddly breathtaking. These two artists and filmmakers, Lernet & Sander have collaborated on many a project, but this video by far takes the chocolate... There's something almost artistic in their horrifying act of melting chocolate bunnies to nothing more than a puddle of dilapidated chocolate. In fact, it's actually quite amusing to watch irons, hair dryer's and space heaters slowly melt the life out of the bunnies eyes. 

Lernet & Sander use humor and wit to create this fantastic film, and if you're left wanting for more then you can always purchase a print of the bunny in pre-melt stage as he stares his fate straight in the heating element. This film is fun and sadistic and everything you need to traumatize Easter for the neighborhood kids. 

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