Sunday, 18 September 2016


After watching the numerous body art tutorials of Youtuber 'Madeyewlook' I got really in to body art as a whole and started to appreciate the artistry of make-up. And Andrea Reed, the hands, face and brains behind GirlGreyBeauty, is now hands down one of my favourite creative beauty guru's. I first stumbled upon her Instagram, where I was rendered awestruck by her array of both perfect make-up applications and totally abstract uses of make-up.

GirlGreyBeauty is an artists who dabbles in a variety of different beauty aspects, such as hair, lips and face, whilst also reviewing cosmetic and beauty products. But it's her creative make-up looks that appeal to me the most; specifically her fancy lip art and facial art series like the 'work in progress' collection ( 'paint by numbers' as seen to the left).

Within her 'work in progress' series there are four different styles that truly are fantastic artistry's to behold, especially when you think they've been drawn on the face using make up and by the artist themselves, and it is hands down worth you checking out the rest. GirlGreyBeauty is a truly amazing make-up artist and I'm looking forward to seeing more of her zany work.