Sunday, 16 June 2013

A Clean Slate

Shwood are a company in Oregan devout to creating sunglasses out of materials other than your avarage plastic. And one of the best products they've produced and only recently rereleased, are their Stone Sunglasses made from a merge of slate and Walnut wood with a stainless steel inlay that not only look the part of luxury, they fit the part of luxury. 

And to add to the part of luxury, each pair is made on demand with an option of either white or black slate, both with such a fine and genuine finish that everybody will be taking a double look. 
Shwood Stone Black
Shwood Stone White
At roughly £240 it may seem a little steep for a pair of sunnies for this summer, but for a pair with this much indivduality and quality, I don't think Shwood can be beaten.