Saturday, 15 June 2013


Ziiiro Gravity

Ziiiro- cleverly named for having ziiiro watch faces or hands- is the break through watch company for innovative design of 2013. With their sleek electronic watch faces that give an attractive alternative to reading the time, they are defintely one to watch out for.

The solid metal and thick silicone wristband keep it strong and durable against everyday life as well as ergonomically comfortable for the consumer so you can wear it all day whilst telling the time in a quirky fashion.

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Ziiiro Saturn Chrome
Ziiiro also have a range of different watches to appeal to a more mature market. So that if you don't want to feel to quirky with the flexible silicone wristband and circular watch display, you can choose an alternative strap and watchface.

This Saturn Chrome offers a stainless chrome wriststrap that is a little more subdued than the bold colour of the silicone straps with a digital watchface that is perhaps a bit easier to decipher than the previous example.

Another positive that seems to be working for Ziiiro is the fact that due to the shape of the watchface, you can purchase different straps to put the face in to mix and match your watch for any occasion.

They offer more than just one watch face type so that you can choose more than just the standard format to read the time in with two hands. Their digital displays come in a range of colours and styles to make them more intereseting and so that they do more than just move in a clockwise motion.

Ziiiro Orbit
One of my personal favourites is the Ziiiro Orbit watch with circles that literally orbit around the watchface like a tiny solar system of your own on your wrist.

Ziiiro Celeste Chrome
And considering the array of technology and comfortable design that Ziiiro take into account, I think that with a price budget of between £80- £140, it is defintely a decent purchase. Who doesn't want a stand out piece that fits snugly?