Monday, 17 June 2013

Hugs and Bugs

Athletes Foot

Petri Dish of Athletes Foot

 Drew Oliver is the amazing creator behind 'Giant Microbes', a company that produces soft toys in the shape of common microbes and other types of nasty germies.

 (bring out the sanitizer)

 This company literally offer every microbe you could think of, and this would be the perfect classroom accesory to any science teacher or gift for a science boffin.


Each microbe comes in a 'Petri Dish' of 3 and are a great way to make science interactive, or to remember the shape of your favourite germs.

Giardia Petri Dish

 Not only are they a great form of teaching apparatus, but they also look extremelty adorable with a pair of googly eyes and their plush exterior so that you can finally fullfill your dreams and snuggle up with your favourite microbe.

And if you're 'that' devoted to your microbe, they also offer microbe neckties- that goofy gift that is sure to win over any braniac.

Microbe Neck Tie