Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Early Learner

Timoore Plus Wood Shelf

 For those who need to find a creative way to encourage children to tidy up, Timoore provide an easy solution with their 'Plus collection' of children's furniture.

These tree shaped bookshelves consist of an MDF Backboard cut into the shape of a tree, with layers of shelving that connect to a centre pillar which look like the branches of a tree. Each shelf is cleverly fixed so that the leaves hide the wall fixings.

Timoore Plus Wood Shelf

There are three different tree shapes: Round, Triangular and Odd to mix things up a little bit in any childs bedroom or play group. 

To make it even better, there are five different colours to choose from to suit any room, Pink, Blue, Green, Orange and Cream- each colour cleverly bright and vibrant to bring life to a room.  

And if you love it so much, they offer a range of furniture to match.

Peter Bristol Training Dresser

 For any child struggling to pick up the concept of organisation, Peter Bristol and co have cleverly designed a set of drawers to make the task that little bit easier. Each shelf is cut into the shape of an item of clothing so said child knows which item belongs in which draw- hence making a came out of organising.

Not only is it functional, but it also has a very aesthetic look it, with the shape of the clothing these chests of drawers are a quirky take on storing clothes.

Peter Bristol Training Dresser

They offer a male and female version so that girls can categories their skirts and boys can store their shorts. A fun alternative to your typical drawers.

If you want to be even more creative, a fun way to make these drawers unique would be to colour or stick designs down over the white frame to add a personal touch.