Thursday, 27 June 2013

Let There Be Light

Breakdancing Skeleton

 Artist Darren Pearson has blown the conventional concept of painting out of the water with his smudge proof, erasable, luminescent concept of painting with lights. This new form of painting without the neccesary components has only recently become accepted as a form of art due to its temporary nature, but when put into motion as Darren Pearson does, it is truly a phenomenal work of art.

Skategrind Skeleton

My favourite pieces are the ones in which he has gone through the luborious process of drawing it out frame by frame until an amazing GIF has been created. And as he has stressed it is difficult to achieve a perfect light drawing as you have no recollection of which shape is where- thats the cameras job- so you're drawing purely from memory. And for anyone intending to trial this new technique, he's created a 'how to' guide on what you need to do, in which he takes it step by step with his video tutorials, showing you exactly how you can achieve an effective light painting.