Thursday, 27 June 2013

Lights, Camera... Take out!

'Light Up' project- Take out Lantern
It's about time I showcase some of my, erm, talent?

One of our earlier projects saw me designing a light shade using just card, a bit of 3D printed plastic and no glue whatsoever. So after a few clueless weeks, the idea finally came to me in the form of a 'Take out' carton.

This lightshade can be assembled from flat into its shape by slotting tabs together, and to provide legs for the stand, the 3D Printed base table can be slot into the bottom. The legs were designed to look like chop sticks and fixed hole in the base of the box allows a light to be placed from beneath and up into the carton like a side light.

Using the reflective card to better utilisie the light, I laser cut butterfly's into the box to allow light to excape and be reflected by the card to give this overall gentle light.