Monday, 29 July 2013


Coca-Cola, Photogenic Alchemy
Photographer Micheal Cetta has been experimenting with his film in his recent photographic collection "Photogenic Alchemy" in which he abuses his film by developing it with an assortment of liquids that you're really not supposed to.

 By developing each of his images with a different substance, Cetta manages to create a distorted perception in which his developed images come out as if they've been disolved, turning "unfullfilling pictures" into ones that look battered and beaten. 

Lemon Juice, Photogenic Alchemy
Each of these effects were captured by using a range of liquids; from Cola to Ammonia to Vinegar, Febreeze and Kerosene. These experimental photos are a unique and interesting portrayal of everyday life, and Cetta has managed to combine clever toy camera shots with altered film to create these wavering images.