Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Sugar Honey Iced Tea

The Sugar Lab

 Kyle and Liz von Hasseln of The Sugar Lab have broadened the horizons of what 3D Printing can do by creating quite brilliant and aesthetic 3D Printed Sugar Cubes. Though theirs are no ordinary sugar cubes, in fact, the architectural couple of the sugar lab decided to up the ante and use geometric shapes and complex dimensions to make their sugar more fun.  

The Sugar Lab

Their idea came from earlier tried and failed experimenting of trying to 3D Print a cake, and after elaborate testing, this is what the duo settled for: elaborate and stunning sugar sculptures. (Seems kind of a waste of sweet design when it's all but going to end up dissolving)

And if you wanted to try the sugar for yourself, The Sugar Lab are a company that offer custom made sugar sculptures, ideal for topping any cake or adding flawless and often difficult design to any confectionery.

 With 3D Printing it is possible to model almost anything using the sugar so you can think beyond you're average shapes and elaborate on spectacular designs to thrill.