Thursday, 15 August 2013


Passion Fruit Bubbleology with Tapioca Pearls 

Although this concept may not be new to some, it is still a refreshing one for me. Only recently have a discovered the line of Bubble Tea franchises in the heart of Soho, Bubbleology, that specialise in making cool tea's with tapioca pearls in the bottom (the dark bubbles in the bottom of the picture on the right). They come in two different styles, either as a Milk Tea or a Fruit Tea, and although I was hesitant to try cold tea at first it was actually a pleasant surpise.

The funky layout of their London stores makes it look like a science experiment, which is exactly what it is; food science! Spherification is no easy feat.

They also offer extras for your drinks, like Passion Fruit Boba- amazing tiny spheres filled with Passion Fruit Syrup- and extra jelly bits to make your drink a little more interesting. 

And if you're as adverse to drinking tea as I am, these drinks are too phenomenal to pass up. Or if you're interested in making your own there are a dozen recipes online (especially because you can buy Tapioca Pearls at any Asian food wholesalers) so that you can be even more inventive with it.