Sunday, 11 August 2013

Pixel Perfect

4x "29x29" square portraits
Playing Hama Beads with my siblings unearthed a whole new world of making a portrait that is both inventive and a great form of entertainment for small kids and adults alike. 

My Sister's interpretation of David Bowie/ Ziggy Stardust
 To achieve one of these funky pictures, you use a website called Perler you download the program (top right), which turns your image into a pixelated version and you select what size you want your image to be so that it will give you the pixel representation. When you zoom in, it breaks down which bead colour- number and letter coded- goes where so that you have to fill in your grid bead by bead. And then your ready to iron. 

The best thing about these portraits is that you can literally use any of your pictures and adjust them to what colours you do have to pick out the best style. From close up they look like nothing more than a pixelated mess, but far away the image really does come together and you literally get the bigger picture. 

There is no limit to what you can do with these beaded pictures, as they would make the perfect gift to both put on the fridge or hang up a large portrait.

Warning: it is a relativly fiddly task and requires much patience.