Friday, 2 August 2013

Safe and Sound

This electrifying, brilliant idea to hide your treasure will keep any burglar guessing, because in all honesty, who would second guess and inconspicious plug socket. 

(Well, now it might not be so secret, but it sure is an inventive way to keep your personal belongings safe from prying eyes.)

These hidden plug socket safes from Lock Monster come in two different styles that both look identical to the standard plug socket and keep your possesions concealed. The much cheaper option is an external plug socket box that can be mounted on the wall and at roughly £10 it's a nifty way to store items briefly.

If you want better security that your belongings are safe, you can insert this other socket safe into your wall so that it acts like a draw that can be pulled out of the wall. Even better is the fact that the locking mechanism is hidden in one of the earth pin sockets and can be locked and unlocked like an actual safe rather than just to be used as a storage solution.