Sunday, 29 September 2013

Pantone Universe

Pantone Universe- Antonio Lanzillo & Partners
We are living in a world dominated by colour, so I guess we're all lucky that the genius' behind Pantone gave us a way to categorise and label each colour and shade of the rainbow. But a concept I've really fallen in love with is that of Pantone Products; incoporating Pantone into something more than just a colour of paint. 

Antonio Lanzillo & Partners are a perfect example of applying Pantone to real life, with their Pantone Universe Kitchen, where they use solid panels of different Pantone colours to brighten up this white kitchen; from the hob to the oven to the draws, all with a different pantone colour and code to make the kitchen lively and modern. 

Now i'm not a perfectionist about my coffee, but there is a certain way I have to have it before I'm ready for a grueling day of school- which is why these Pantone Coffee mugs would come in handy. You buy the shade that most suits your perfect cuppa which acts as a guide for making your morning brew.

Griottes Pantone Tarts

Another quirky way of doing Pantone is by french desert artist, Emilie Griottes, who creates tarts inspired by pantone colours. Beautifully laid out on a tart base, each colour contains an indicator of the Pantone colour and an example of the shade. Her works include a rainbow of different foods that each look delictable and adorable.