Thursday, 3 October 2013

Looks Like Music


Yuri Suzuki: "Looks like Music"
Japanese designer, Yuri Suzuki has created a fun new piece of technology that turns scribbles into sounds. A little machine called a "Colour Chaser" literally chases a black felt tip line and translates coloured scribbles across the line into sound. His instillation encourages visitors to grab a felt tip and draw a song onto massive rolls of paper that span the room.

There are five different "Colour Chasers" that are part of Suzuki's "Looks Like Music" project, each designed to interpret music in different ways.

This is an amazing new concept that could keep people entertained for hours. It has the ability to educate children on music whilst encouraging artistic creativity through drawing with felt tips. It was designed with the purpose to help dsylexic people experiment with music, as Yuri himself is a dyslexic and could not read music sheets; which is why many of his other projects make use of sound and technology in a similar way to "Looks Like Music".