Saturday, 30 November 2013


                                                     Waking up to the frost and a garden covered in spider webs creeped me out a little, but also reminded me of a news article I read about spider webs in Texas covering over 180 metres of trees and bushes with a white blanket of webs that make an eerie scene to make anyone's skin crawl.

 Design Collective, Numen/for use, seem to have taken influence from these spooky webs in their human sized spider webs made completely out of packing tape. It's part of a design instilattion that allows people to move and crawl through the intricate webs like human spiders. They used 117,000 feet of tape in the first instilation which were taped to open art gallerys strip of tape by strip of tape until they've been built up so thick that they could support people and be turned into a climbing frame.
Design Collective- Spider Web Instillation

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