Thursday, 14 August 2014

Ah, Sweet

My tolerance was severely tested at M&M world, and I promise you that it is not a place to go when you're on a strict diet. Because let's face it; who can possibly resist free chocolate being handed out left right and centre. 
First things first, M&M world, is an amazing shop to visit if you're in and around London. Not only is it packed with all our favourite flavours and colours, but there are also an assortment of awesome photo opportunities and activities to immerse yourself in. From a giant British flag made entirely out of M&M's, to a 'guess what colour I am' game, to my all time favourite; the Abbey Road M&M's (of whom are set up in the iconic Beatles crossing position). 

Not only do they have four floors worth of chocolate madness, they also have a station where you can personalise your own sweets with pictures and captions to fit your purpose. With M&M's walking around, it is definitely a fun place to visit if in the area!

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