Thursday, 20 November 2014

Anamorphic Sculpture Sculpture is the cleverly designed work of Jonty Hurwitz which consists of great mathematical thoughts and an eye for detail. 

Rather than have an object reflected in the mirrored cylinder like a fun house mirror, Hurwitz's sculptures instead make the reflective object distorted so that the reflection is accurate. This process involves a lot of thought and a lot of technical skill. 

Firstly Hurwitz has to scan a 3D object into the computer and then manipulate it in the computer using pie algorithms (I don't even want to think about how difficult this must be). With his computer model finalised, Hurwitz takes copper, steel and perspex and some how morphs it into a replica of his computer modelled sculpture.

Probably the best feature of these anamorphic sculptures is the way in which Hurwitz switches up expectations. You approach the sculpture wondering what it is, walking around it and observing it at many angles, yet it's only when you look at the reflection that you see the intended object, therefore highlighting perception as a key feature in interactive sculpture.