Thursday, 20 November 2014

Duffy London the contemporary furniture of the future look to Duffy London and their amazingly bizarre yet desirable pieces which challenge furniture norms. 

The Milli Chair is a smart reversible chair that takes a twist on the conventional chair by adding many legs and placing them at jaunty angles to imitate the form of a millipede. By tipping the chair onto its back, you suddenly have a chair with a curved edge for your legs; both changing the appearance and and comfort of the chair. It's excellent for those who want to switch things up every now and then and keep the room fresh. 

We all love a good swing now and then, and with the Dr. Strangelove Swing Bar you can drink, eat and socialise whilst swinging to your hearts content. This playful design has a space inbetween the swinging circle where you can set up a bar or service area; perfect for any host to put on a show. Not only is this appropriate for adults, but you could also drag the kids away from their play and keep them at the table by letting them swing as they eat (it's also a great homework motivator).

Now by a landslide The Abyss Table is the most visually stunning piece by Duffy London. This table looks at depth by portraying glass and wood in a mersmerising geological cross-section of the sea. The mix of whorls and sink holes make it beautiful and defintley a conversation piece.

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