Thursday, 20 November 2014

Because hygeine matters
Okay, we've all done it, we've all picked food out of our teeth with a nail in a public space whilst trying to be as stealthy as we can. But why not make it as obvious and humorous as possible?

With the 'Shit-in-m'teeth' tooth picking kit, you can excavate all food substances from your teeth whilst looking as suave as ever. Impress all those observers out there with this funky kit which includes a mirror and several vital tooth picking tools.

It's card sized; which makes it suitable for your wallet and manages to make digging for food an amusing process. 

Sadly this is only a Kickstarter funded project for now, but I really hope to see these on the market in the future because they'd make awesome gifts for hygiene fanatics or for a friend who's always getting seeds stuck in their fillings. This tool has the ability to stop humiliation so what are you waiting for?  Go and pledge if you think this is something worthy of our shopping endeavours!

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