Friday, 7 November 2014

It's an artist thing

What do you do when paint gets a bit outdated? Simple; you use something else. And that's exactly what these artists did when they got bored of the conventional painting supplies.

Water colour artists Othman Toma decided to use his skills to paint using ice-cream and melted ice-lolly's. Although a bit sticky, his artwork is nothing short of spectacular with colours and stunning detail. Who'd have thought that melted ice-cream could work so well as a paint medium?

In the case of Natalie Irish, she changed the instrument with which she created by opting to use her lips instead of a brush. Inspired by thumb print painting, Irish started her Lip Art after finding that blotted lipstick doesn't look too bad on paper. So now every single one of her creations is a personalised (you can't get more personal than a kiss) and intimate piece designed purely with cleverly placed kisses.

Now I wouldn't recommend this last one, but Steven Spazuk is a consummate professional and has perfected the art of fumage to create his stellar pieces of smoky art. By using the flame of a candle, his creates his works by using the soot residue and he marks the page with singes in great detailed and thought out pattern.