Tuesday, 4 November 2014

The Apocalypse is nigh!

Okay, okay, maybe the apocalypse isn't nigh, but it's definitely on my mind this season with The Walking Dead Season 5 return. And to honour the return of one of the best post apocalypse programme's out there, I've been searching the net for handy tools and gags suitable for the occasion.

Exhibit A: 


'In case of Cabinets' are the perfect gag gifts for any of those apocalypse preppers out there who are endlessly worrying about how to fight back. Well, with a variety of cabinets suited to any time of supernatural Apocalypse you could think of; they basically have your back covered. 

They've got a cabinet for fighting Zombies, Vampires, Demons and Werewolves. But I'm afraid they're nothing more than a cute house prop as none of the artifacts are real. Though they're worth getting your hands on just for the funny decoration value.

Exhibit B:
The U.S Survival AR-7 is a rifle handle attachment to beat all others, as it acts as an emergency store for your extra weapons parts; such as your extra ammunition, a back up handgun and all sorts. 

Perfect for small storage and carrying as it's lightweight. The fact that it's waterproof and tough makes it suitable for all terrain; especially apocalypse terrain. 

Exhibit C:

These lethal looking weapons are made by an American Company called Zombie Hammer who specialise in making bad ass looking tools of destruction. The knuckle duster styled handle makes you feel awesome as you hold it. 


Mainly made as decorative wall and garage pieces, these weapons can be used in real-life but it's advised that you don't. These tools could probably do some serious damage, and hey, you'd feel like Thor as you wield one of them but unless you like jail time, maybe you should keep a wide berth.

Exhibit D:

http://gearward.com/products/a-k-bandLast but not least, this one is more practical than the others, an Anti-Kidnapping watch. The AK Band has a hidden compartment on the watch band that holds your basic escape necessities; you've got your hand cuff key, your ceramic razor blade and your Kevlar friction string, all used to escape wrist bindings of some kind.

Of course it'll take some practise to get the hang of it, and honestly you'll probably never need it, but if you're an ever present worrier like I am then this is another safety item you should keep on you and get to grips with.