Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Suck UK

Despite the name this clever, company, SUCK UK, pays homage to unique design with their range of gifts, accessories and items for the home. I've decided to name some of my favourites as they truly are amazing stocking fillers with Christmas just around the corner (hint-hint).

For those who venture far and wide, this Cork Globe is perfect for pinning all of your travels down in 3D and marking everywhere in the world you've been. It plots your globe trotting for all to see and gives challenge in every empty space. 

This is the suitable gift for a gap year student or a traveller who's proud of their air miles and is set for many years more of adventuring.


For this next one, you may be able to make it yourself but if you haven't got the time or the skill, this Playing Card Notebook can be yours for under £5. 

Bound along one edge, these 52 cards are blank on one side and ready for you to fill with notes. This quirky item can be used to impress colleagues at board meetings or as a cute companion for a budding gambler. Whatever the need, it still makes a unique gift.

 As a born doodler this last gift is my personal favourite. The Tattoo Notebook; where the pages are skin and you have the freedom to doodle and draw your own tattoos.

100 pages of hairy arms, backs, belly's and hands for you to ink on. It's an ultimate buy for those with some artistic talent or for someone who's considering drawing their own ink work.

You can go cliche with your doodles (you can never go wrong with 'I heart mum') or go ornate and fancy if you're up to the pen work.

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