Friday, 6 February 2015

Bringing books back to life!

Goodnight Lad is the genius book that merges technology with paperback to create an augmented reality story that allows a child to explore a book in the third dimension and to interact with many features of the story. 

The story follows young Logan who refuses to go to bed, so his parents hatch a plan to help him go down. Now what makes this story different from others is the fact that the book is compatible with smartphone devices and with the use of the Goodnight Lad app, the book comes to life with beautiful animations that let you really get stuck in to the book. And with 32 pages there is plenty of room for exploration. 

This augmented reality story is amazing as it helps bring back the dying tradition of reading to a child by melding it with technology. Goodnight Lad is a happy medium where technology use is not excessive, and the use of animation and hidden secrets inside the book mean that your not at risk of nodding off.

Goodnight Lad is available on Kickstarter for backing at as little as £19 (including postage to the UK), so why not get your hands on the chance to bring back the bedtime story?