Friday, 6 February 2015


Have you ever needed a handy side table or table to eat at whilst out and about or at the park and thought that carrying around an actual table is too difficult? Well then, the Bookniture is your perfect companion, as with just a flip you turn a book into a solid table. 

Bookniture gives you really compact furniture; allowing you to store the book on a shelf or carry it around when not needed, and then quickly expand it to become a table in no time at all. It's light, portable and classy in either a simple brown or black colour. The Bookniture uses the ingenious technique of honeycomb paper structure and book binding to create a sturdy surface that can support over 170 kilos of weight.

It's comfy and durable and comes with a laser engraved felt top that acts as a table top, which can similarly be rolled up and folded away when not in use. Bookniture is currently on Kickstarter and for roughly £43 you can own a black Bookniture with a dark grey felt top; this is an especially great gift for any quirky designer out there or student who likes to get away to study.