Thursday, 5 February 2015

Functional Beauty

This is the perfect workshop companion for those who are short on space and who still want a table to work on when the mood strikes. The Wall Clamp by Brendan Ravenhill is nothing more than a pair of sturdy C clamps made of cast iron with two drilled holes in the frame that allow them to be affixed to any wall using a couple of screws.

Probably the best feature of these clamps is that you can pick out your own shelf material, allowing you to pick different sizes and thicknesses, meaning it can also be a table too. You could also use the clamps to store your wood by stacking layers and clamping them in; therefore getting use out of the materials you'd otherwise keep leant up against the wall getting in the way. Or if you think they'd make a nice industrial accessory to the house, you can do as in the picture and use the clamp as a bedside table to hold up your books and denture glass.

The Wall Clamp's are on sale online at Areaware, who also sell an assortment of kitsch and modern home accessories.