Thursday, 5 February 2015

Put a cork in it!

Apartments in the city are getting ever smaller, but our sense of style isn't. How do we overcome this issue? Easy; we buy flat pack furniture from Ikea. Wrong, because we no longer have to look to cheap and unremarkable furniture to fit our houses with when designers like Hyeonil Jeong are using simple and clever ideas to allow us to make the most of space. 

This Cork Stopper Table by designer Hyeonil Jeong uses innovative joinery to achieve a high end look. Four clip legs can be hooked on the inner lip of a glass pane and wedged into place using a giant cork stopper. 

What makes this table beyond genius is its quick assembly, and lack of screws and fixtures in putting the table together; meaning that it can be easily packed back up and slipped into storage until the next time you're entertaining. 

Another amazing aspect is the style of the design; it's sleek and modern with the use of glass and bent plywood. It doesn't need colour to make it a statement piece as the ingenuity of the design and cork stopper fixing speaks for it. 

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