Thursday, 5 March 2015

Filthy Swine!

Stiletto heels are so last year, why not walk on meteorite instead? Wait, did you just say, meteorites? Yes, you did hear me correctly, as with a pair of Swine heels you can take fashion to another galaxy by walking in a pair of these stellar meteorite pumps. 

Meteorite shoes were made by 3D scanning rocks to make 3D files and superimposing the shapes to resemble that of a shoe. The exterior is made of aluminium foam which is 90%, making it both lightweight (great for feeling like an astronaut with zero gravity) and durable so that you're free to beat the dust out of this world. Not only are these Meteorite Shoes full of galactic promise, they also have a gorgeous metallic sheen and totally realistic texture that help to portray an other worldly vibe.

Another amazing Swine creation, is their Sea Chair, made as a tribute to the state of the world's sea garbage (and specifically the Pacific Garbage Patch of 1997) is comprised of molten sea plastic recovered from the oceans and molten to create this artistic and very poignant Sea Chair. The processed plastic has a beautiful marble like pattern that intersperses the colours of the plastics, building up thick layers to create a sturdy and stable stool. 

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