Wednesday, 4 March 2015


We're living in a digital age, and with CD's near enough disappearing to make way for mp3, what is there to do but use the plastic discs as ninja stars?!? Well, with CDBITS, you can turn your old and scratched CD's into a construction power house. 

These cleverly designed, 3d printed clips allow you to sandwich your CD's in to series of different shapes and designs, making boxes and sturdy storage mechanisms from something you'll otherwise chuck in the bin. CDBITS turn your old compact disks in to modular units that are both decorative and functional, and what better way to inspire upcycling than to let your child build in a more creative way with disused discs and tiny 3D printed clips. 

CDBITS are the invention of design company Avooq Creations, and can be downloaded from MyMiniFactory to be 3D Printed from home as well as purchased online. They're the cheapest and most readily available new building block on the market, and a great way to re-purpose and hack your stack of hoarded CD's.