Saturday, 7 March 2015

Holy crepe!

Although pancake day has been and gone, pancakes are in no way, shape or form out of mind; and what better way to have breakfast like a true king than to print your face in a pancake? 

PancakeBot can fulfill all of your yolky needs, as clever mechanical arms move across the hotplate to print your own pancake design on to, that draws the outline first and then fills in, providing a full picture pancake with colour definition. 

It includes user friendly software that allows you to trace over your own image to create a unique pancake design, and by simply loading the drawing on to an SD you can order the PancakeBot to print you something amazing. 
Not only is this a great product for the average household, it would also make a great companion for any cafe, restaurant and party to allow customers to become more involved in the creativity of their food. Heck, a company launch party would be fantastic if you have the PancakeBot set up and printing out your company logo.

At roughly £120 to print your own pancakes, the PancakeBot is more than well worth the price for hours of entertainment. If you're interested in owning the PancakeBot you can head on over to Kickstarter where there's the option to buy PancakeBot by the bucket load.