Monday, 9 March 2015


What better way to share your whereabouts and doings with your friends than to print it on the inside of an envelope? Mapenvelope is the genius creation of Beste Miray who wanted to share her whereabouts with a friend on the other side of the world; and it's all very well describing the place, but isn't it so much better to show a satellite image that literally pinpoints your location in the world to make sharing more interesting?

Mapenvelope is a free envelope service that allows you to enter in your location and your message and then generate a preview envelope of which you can print from home and glue together. There are two options of map viewing; both satellite and road view which add a beautiful graphical element to sharing your whereabouts.

This would be a great idea for sending out invitations for events (be it weddings or parties) by mapping your intended location point on the envelope and writing a relevant message. A beautiful personalisation technique at a smart price! 

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